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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news. the stunning final voice mail from josh powell, revealed in an abc news exclusive. >> i am not -- able to live without my sons. and i'm not able to go on anymore. >> did his sons really know what happened to their missing mom? for the first time since this shocking crime, susan powell's parents join us lye. here we go again, gas prices going way up and fast. 20 cents higher in the last month. expected to skyrocket over four bucks by spring. caught on tape. the circus motorcycle stunt man
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smacking into a cable, plunging to the floor, striking a clown below him. super brawl. supermodel gisele rips her husband's teammates. did she make major fumble standing by her man? that is a new little clip there. good morning, everyone, on this tuesday. a lot of talk about whether gisele was out of line in criticizing her husband's teammates, saying tom brady can't both throw and catch the ball. president obama, part of his health care plan would require catholic hospitals and universities to provide birth control coverage just like any other companies. plus, new questions in the
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mysterious case of more than a dozen taens with tourrette's-like symptoms? let's get to the final words from josh powell. revealed this morning in a voice mail obtained overnight by abc news. we're going to talk live to susan powell's parents in a moment. >> reporter: good morning, robin opinion finally some insight into josh powell's last few moments before he burned his house down, killing himself and his two young sons. these may be the last words from josh powell that the world ever hears. >> hello. this is josh. and i'm calling to say good-bye. >> reporter: he left this message for his cousins, brother, and other family
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members. >> i am not able to live without my sons. and i'm not able to go on anymore. i'm sorry to everyone i've hurt. good-bye. >> reporter: and now, abc news has learned the white hot flash of flames and horror that killed the two innocent little boys inside wasn't the worst of it. while their case worker pounded on the door, locked out. source say josh powell corralled his kids in a room behind the garage where two five-gallon cans of gasoline had been readied. sources say powell lit the flame and then attacked them. >> we believe he attempted to murder them before the fire and didn't quite succeed. the brutality is just shocking. >> reporter: investigators believe that josh powell felt threatened by recent rev likeses th revelations that the boys may have been remembering the night
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susan powell vanished. even drawing a picture that showed their mother in the trunk the night they went camping. >> they're saying he basically got rid of the evidence. i don't think he would want to kill himself and leave the kids behind to say what they would say. >> reporter: this was no instant fit of rage. but a planned attack by a father under suspicion for his wife's disappearance. he donated his son's books and toys to chart. >> he sent e-mails to somebody saying he transferred his money from his bank account to somebody else's. he wanted somebody to know how to take care of his personal business when he was gone. >> i'm sorry to everyone i have hurt. good-bye. >> reporter: josh powell's sister, elena, is now reacting to the voice mail. she says that josh and his boys spent more than two years being
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crushed alive by hate. none of us could have anticipated the tragedy that took place sunday. what this loss shows is that hate will never end well. hate kills. everyone who knows josh powell, who knew josh powell is now wondering if there were warning signs they could have seen. >> we're joined by susan powell's parents, chuck and judy cox. let me begin by saying all of us here are so sorry for what you have gone through. losing your daughter, now your two grandson. chuck, i know those boys meant the world to you. >> yes, they did, thank you. >> well, before we begin, is there anything you want to tell us about them, you want the world to remember about those little boys? >> they had a -- they were very happy. they were very kept safe and
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were enjoying their time with us. and they were becoming more and more loving. they were great children. >> and it appears now, we just heard the detective in that piece say as they were growing up, they might have been remembering more and talking more about what happened the night your daughter died. do you think that's what drove josh to do this? >> partly. >> i don't think that was the only reason. i think -- i do believe that they would eventually have remembered more and would have been -- >> what did they remember? >> i'm sure they would have remembered more. that's part of it. they had both told us that -- at different times that mommy was with them. that the last time they remember seeing her was on a camping trip. we told them, when i would say,
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well, daddymommy stayed home, they would go back to, i don't remember. a coached statement. >> at one time, braden drew the picture with mommy in the trunk, right? >> that was the summer after she went missing. >> 2010. >> and we're learning now that josh planned this to a "t." this was very premeditated. gave away the boys' toys. sent out e-mails and voicemails. did you see any sign? any sign at all that something like this could happen? >> the only sign i saw was that he appeared to be cooperating more with the -- the dshs workers and the case workers. i remember he seemed to be cooperating more with my daughter before she went
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missing. that was a warning sign to me. >> do you think anything could have been done? >> i think -- um -- because the visits, once he got a house of his own, that he was renting, it made him easier to be able to set up anything, which he did. >> we don't believe the visits should have been held that house. but, you know -- i don't think anyone outside who didn't know him very well could expect this type of behavior. this is just such, such a tragedy that you don't know how disturbed this person was. >> and judy, you felt it was important for the boys to see their father, obey the court, even though sunday, they were playing happily at your house. >> yeah. that went through my mind. they need to do it.
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you know, something could happen to us, because i -- if i had let them stay home or refused to let them go, i'm sure something would have happened to us, to -- i just remember i have to obey this. and talk the kids into it, saying they would have fun. >> as you know, steven powell is in jail on suicide watch. do you believe he knows what happened to your daughter and was, in part, had anything to do with it? >> i don't know -- i'm sure that he and josh talked about that. they didn't have that many secrets from each other that they were very close. and i'm sure they knew what was going on. his involvement, i don't know to what extent he was involved. i'm sure he knew about it. probably before it happened. >> well, mr. and mrs. cox, again, we're so sorry for your loss.
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thanks for sharing your story this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. good morning to you both and all of you. we're beginning with new video smuggled out of syria. civilians, women and children, under attack by their own government. this morning, the crisis appears to be deinvolving into outer chaos. one day after the u.s. closed its embassy there and evacuated diplomats. m martha raddatz joins us with more. >> reporter: the stories are terrifying. government troops shell their own people for the fourth straight day. one man telling the bbc we were just waiting to be killed. this image, a real sense of the horrors. in the middle of the night, volunteers sneaking out to bury a young victim, killed when a mort tar hit her family home. the mortars kept coming, even
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during the burial. russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution demanding that the president transfer power. veto emboldened the leader. oil prices are rising. that means higher prices for you. gas prices will skyrocket by 60 cents or more by may. prices have already jumped 19 cents in the last month. to an average of $3.48 nationwide. meanwhile, the elementary school at the center of a child sex abuse case is closed today after firing the entire staff. two teachers have been charged with fondling and other lewd acts against students. a new staff will be in place on
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third. former staffers could get their jobs back, but only after the investigation is complete. and we're expecting a key decision in the battle over gay marriage today. the decision is expected to be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. finally, a motorcycle stunt that went horribly wrong at a circus in michigan. before we show you the video, don't worry, the driver of the motorcycle is okay. but take a look. the final act of the show. josh, performing a stunt, his bike hits the cable, flipping him into the air, he falls 25 feet to the floor, striking a clown, a part of the act, on the way down. most of the people in the crowd thought it was a part of the show until the ring master yelled for a doctor.
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the motorcycle rider is vowing to get back on his book as soon as he can. the clown safe also. >> thanks, josh. now a developing story in the race for the white house. "your voice, your vote." there's growing pressure from catholic and other religious groups protesting the president's new rule on birth control. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the culture wars are back. the white house is feeling the heat. the white house insists this is a balanced approach. that's not how the republican presidential candidates see it as they campaign today. they've had pointed wards for the president. in colorado, mitt romney used some of his strongest language yet. showing this race and the primaries are not just about the economy, stupid. >> we must have a president who
7:14 am
is willing to protect our first rights. >> reporter: he hammered the obama administration for a brood rule requiring employers, even religious charities and hospitals, to provide health coverage including contraception. >> this is a violation of conscience. >> reporter: it's not just president obama on romney's mind. he doesn't want to be outflanked on the right by rick santorum. a long-time culture warrior two says that the obama administration has been -- >> hostile. to people of faith, specifically catholic. >> reporter: even super bowl ads are fodder. especially this one. >> now, motor city is fighting again. it's hafr time, america. and our second half is about to begin.
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>> reporter: republicans claim the ad was an endocument of president obama's bailout of the auto industry. >> this is what happens when you have the government getting in bed with big business. the leadership of the auto companies feel nay need to do something to repay their political patrons. >> reporter: boast chrysler and eastwood, a republican, denied any link. >> no, mr. president, you do not deserve a second term. >> reporter: and one other bit of breaking news overnight. having to do with the obama campaign and superpacs. the third-party groups that are flooding the air waves with ads. originally, the obama administration said they would have nothing to do with them. last night, they flip-flopped and said, the republican
7:16 am
superpacs are doing too much advertising. they have to compete. >> the race is on, thanks. we're going to turn to the murder that traumatized the university of virginia. jury selection has begun in the murder charges against george huguely. for killing his former girlfriend, yeardley love. >> reporter: day two of jury selection. the hunky, lacrosse-playing young man who now looks too big for his suit. and his exgirlfriend he once loved and is now lost. all eyes are on this charlottesville courthouse. yeardley love was number 1 on the proud girls lacrosse team. george huguely, number 11.
7:17 am
>> it's more important that we won as team today. >> reporter: a strikingly beautiful young woman and her equally striking boyfriend now 24 years old. she was murdered two years ago. he standing vacant-eyed before the judge. pleading not guilty to first-degree murder. as the victim's mother and sister watched the first day of jury selection for the trial scheduled to start this week. >> yeardley love did nothing to deserve to be attacked. and beaten. >> i'm a 47-year-old with children of the ages of both individuals. you -- you -- you're looking at a child. >> reporter: not to mention the pain suffered by her teammates and family. >> tragedy is an understatement. there's nothing say that can convey how terrible. >> reporter: to many, it seemed the perfect college romance. two star athletes once in love. but on that may night, police
7:18 am
say huguely admits he kicked in her door and shoot her. >> he did not believe that such a terrible thing could have happened. >> we're confident that miss love's death was not intended, but an accident. >> did your son kill her? >> reporter: his parents have remained silent. feeling the love family's pain and their own. a murder and loss that has rocked the close-knit lacrosse community. >> you met her, you loved her. she was great. my very best friend. >> reporter: opening statements expected to start tomorrow if they finish picking the jury today. let's get to weather from sam. >> hello, there, george, robin, josh. as this area of low pressure moves on the coastline in california, it means a day of
7:19 am
soaking rain and gusty winds. from san francisco, to santa barbara to l.a. you'll get more rain in higher elevatio elevations. into the northeast, a little parade in a happy little town called new york city. there's perfect sky conditions at about 50, 51 degrees. it gets colder tonight. another beautiful morning.
7:20 am
as esther a morning. sunshine. sunrise was 10 minutes ago in the district. -- not as cold as yesterday. 43 degrees in the district, 41 dulles airport. at culpeper right now. in the mid 50's with sunshine. increasing clouds tonight and midday and early >> gotta talk about some signs of arctic air breaking out in the next couple of weeks. >> thank you, sam champion. new details in the grosse pointe park murder mystery. gisele stands by her man. the growing backlash over her tough talk. and the mist fieing case of
7:21 am
teens with tourette's-like simp symptoms.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. 7:26 on this tuesday, february 7. i am steve chenevey. the board is investigating a of gruesome discoveries in new carrollton. the bodies of two men were
7:27 am
apart and than a mile the newblocks from carrollton metro station. one body was found along 85th avenue and the other found on road.venue and garrison jury selection resumes today in the trial of former university virginia lacrosse player george huguely. he is pleading not guilty to killing his former girlfriend heryeardley love in in may of 2010 in charlottesville. news channel 8 will have more on story in an in-depth report minutes from now. in virginia, a check on your commute. >> a big problem. newschopper 7 is looking at an northbound before duke street. it's been there 30 minutes with to getout of woodbrige past the beltway and then towards the pentagon. notice of a traffic single file the center if the amount of equipment. now to adam caskey in the
7:28 am
weather center. >> in fairfax, beautiful conditions. a nice look of the sunrise. 41 degrees right now in fairfax great school. the district. manassas, otherwise not a start to the day. 36 in frederick. sunny today, mid 50's. near 40 tomorrow with a light the midday and afternoon with minor accumulations possible. , sunday through the weekend. we will have another update at 7:56. we will see you then.
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my husband cannot [ bleep ] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. >> boy, gisele bundchen is not happy. and she let people know it. tom can't throw the ball and cacatch it at the same time. i think that is self-evident. did she go too far? >> oh, the things tom's wife will say. or e-mail. you know what that's leading to? because ali wentworth, george's wife, is joining us later on. in the meantime, new details on the missing alaskan teenager. her father is now speaking out. plus, a medical mystery. more than a dozen teens in upstate new york have come down
7:31 am
with tourette's-like syndromes. now they're thinking that youtube or facebook have something to do with it. now to the murder mystery in michigan. we're hearing more from the husband of the murdered woman and the woman being called the mistress. >> reporter: bob bashara is denying the affair and said he had nothing to do with his wife jane's murder. there's new details about the man who dropped a bomb shell, claiming he was paid to kill jane bashara. joe gentz, the man who walked into a police station and confessed to killing jane basha basha bashara, may not be in police custody, but in an exclusive interview, his brother, who wants to remain anonymous, says joe may have been involved. >> i believe that something
7:32 am
happened that night. someone doesn't go into n a police station and turn themselves in not knowing what the consequences would be. >> reporter: gentz, who worked has a handyman for bob, aleblgedly told police bashara paid him $2,000 to kill his wife. the marketing executive was found strangled in an allie. gentz's brother believes that joe was manipulated. >> i believe bob took advantage of joe -- joe and his disaiblts. he's got about a third or fifth grade education. >> reporter: bashara has denied any involvement in her death. meanwhile, his relationships alleged outside of his marriage continue to draw scrutiny. allegedly an s & m sex live.
7:33 am
this woman, rachel, seen here with bashara, was having a long-term affair with him. in a statement obtain pd ed exclusively by abc news says she is cooperating with the police. she said i feel this issue is terribly exploited. . in an interview aired late monday on wdiv, bashara denied allegations of affairs. >> to the reports, another woman by the fame of rachel, you would characterize that as -- >> she was a good friend. that's it. >> reporter: bob bashara said he did have a dispute with joe gentz but claims he barely new them. he said it's a smack in the face that the police released gentz without providing them protection. >> gentz being released, dan
7:34 am
abrams, what does that say to you? >> that they have doubts. the biggest mistake is to rush and charge him. they have time on their side. they can release him for now. i promise you they're going keep an eye on him. they're not going to let him go unwatched. they'll be watching him, keeping an eye on him. they want to build the case, not just involving him, because if his account is true, bob bashara is involved as well. >> he comes in and in essence confesses. >> sometimes people do that. even though they were not involved. you have his brother saying he has mental disabilities. i think the police obviously have some questions here. they want answers. before they move forward with charges. it sure does sound like there could be charges down the road. >> we heard in andrea's piece. the alleged mistress that said,
7:35 am
let's stop talking about that. it's a distraction from finding out who did this. people, they kind of tend to believe that, too. >> it's not her place to decide what is a distraction and what not in the context of a murder investigation. if a possible affair is a possible motive, it's relevant. you have bob bashara giving an interview. his lawyer did an hour and half press conference. he's saying the affair was not an affair. if it's suddenly demonstrated that bob bashara, and this is an if, if it was demonstrated he was lying about the affair, it's going the lead the authorities to have a lot of questions about his other accounts as well. he's got the be very careful here in terms of what he's saying about all of the other incidents. all of the other things happening in his life surrounding this. and not just about the incident itself. >> and that's why you have been
7:36 am
saying, don't speak out. >> if i was his lawyer, i would be saying, be really careful here. i wouldn't say much. but look, his lawyer had an hour and a half press conference, talking about the lawyer's divorces. joking with the audience about getting him water. this is a bizarre, bizarre case. a bizarre situation surrounding the guy everyone is looking at. it seems now you have a bizarre lawyer representing him. and a bizarre fact pattern emerging. and the fact that gentz was released. >> thanks for your insight, dan. george? >> now to the case puzzling police in alaska. a teenager vanished from her jor serving coffee. now her father is speaking out. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: the emotional father of missing alaska
7:37 am
teenager is a man that koenig says he believes she was kidnapped by an armed man whom she had filed a protection order against. she filed for a restaining order against a person she barely knew. her father said, i have suspicio suspicions, that's they'll are. the 18-year-old was working her usual tip. according to footage, she did not wander off if her job at closing time. police have not released the tape but say it appears she was abducted by an armed man. >> they left on foot. we know that much. beyond that, her disappearance became a complete mystery at that point. >> reporter: investigators will only say that the oob duabducto wearing a dark sweatshirt. he's significantly taller
7:38 am
thatten the girl. her dad didn't need the tape to know something was wrong. >> please, send my daughter home. i will give you anything in this world. >> reporter: samantha's boyfriend was supposed to pick her up from work that night. he says by the time he arrived, she was gone. >> i got off work, went to get her, she wasn't there. it was a mess. >> reporter: police backed that up. further hampering the investigation, the snow and huge snow drifts blocking the view of the coffee stand from the road. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. now let's get some weather from sam. >> we're going start with a view high above kansas city. a little bit of fog yesterday. you can see just the tallest builtings. you're looking for kc power and light. that's incredible. yep. and so today, it's a little bit different. we have a possibility of showers
7:39 am
and snow showers mixing in behind the front. back in toward, well, maybe not quite oklahoma city. a little bit more rain there. as you watch what's going on in south florida, this low pulls away. another day of soaking rain. the target zone, miami, more than an inch, probably, there. jacksonville getting showers today. " the bright and sunny again today. cold this morning as yesterday. in the 30's for the most part now. '50'sn the low to mid with bright sunshine. light snow mi >> all of that weather was brought to you by weight watchers, george? robin? >> you have the chuckles today, don't you? coming up, gisele's big
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. supermodel, superwife, gisele bundchen is back in the headlines today. john berman sets aside his own strong emotion to talk about this. >> reporter: you know what's super? supermodels. usually. you know what's not super? making a gut-wrenching,
7:44 am
heart-breaking loss even worse. now gisele bundchen has made the loss not just a bad night, but a nightmare. supermodel gisele bundchen el t electrifies the run way. her words after the patriots and husband's loss -- >> so sorry. >> reporter: now scandalous. >> he didn't catch the ball when he was supposed to catch the ball. my husband cannot [ bleep ] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. >> reporter: on the facts, she's not totally wrong. if wes welker had caught this pass, they probably would have won. he knows that. >> i let the team down. >> reporter: but he probably didn't need the reminder from gisele bundchen. word is the team is not happy. has she become the yoko ono of the patriots.
7:45 am
>> she should understand that as the wife of one of the best known quarterbacks in the world, you kind of don't slam your husband's teammates on camera. >> reporter: this video shows a different tone she took with her husband. >> you played the best game of your life. you were amazing. >> reporter: it's not the first time her words caused trouble. some didn't like it when she seemed to criticize pregnant women. i think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. >> she may be one of the most beautiful women in the world. some of the things that come out of her mouth is not so attractive. >> reporter: she's not the first woman the be connected with football controversy. a few years ago, tony romo took heat for dating jessica simpleson. >> and you, you lay off that pet shop dame. women weaken legs. >> reporter: now, rocky won,
7:46 am
ultimately, even though he was married to adrian. victory usually makes the controversies go away. it's not gisele's fault they couldn't get to manning in the fourth quarter. but she's not doing anything that helps us forget. >> i wanted to be here just in case. you played it straight. i know how painful that was for you. >> thank you. >> i don't think we're being fair to gisele. there was a crowd of people yelling at her, saying nasty things. like they made your husband eat -- really bad things. she's responding to a nasty crowd. >> wow, they're saying nasty things about tom brady? >> we should say what everybody says in context. >> standing with gisele. >> do we have time left for "play of the day "? to pick up some accessories. nk you card a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?
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here's the "play of the
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hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> tuesday morning, february 7. i am steve chenevey. it could soon cost you text in virginia.l a state senate committee approved a bill making texting or e-mail and while driving the a primary offense. it's not a secondary offense. would not apply to talking on the cellphone. an entire fort washington hospitalized in after beingdition exposed to carbon monoxide.
7:57 am
two adults and three children unconscious at a home bernard drive. authorities believe they were fumes from a furnace.oning news channel 8 will have an in- depth report coming up in a top of thetes at the hour. now checking the roads, problems in virginia.5 of an accidento happened over an hour ago. northbound 395. people injured northbound before duke street. left of the crashes on the shoulder. delays around woodbrige. a live picture of traffic on the other side of town, sunshine and in your face. volumeund 270, normal out of gaithersburg. day, brightul sunshine. and a bird flying past the camera. day, sonny, mid 50's
7:58 am
this afternoon. feel much like the afternoon. warmer than yesterday by now. 36 in frederick. 25 in manassas. the light snow possible tomorrow afternoon. >> banks. that does it for now. we will be back in
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you love's got me looking so crazy right now ♪ folks getting ready for the big parade with the super bowl champion giants later today here in new york. but we're crazy in love, whether you are or are hoping to be, we have a great week of surprises, counting down to make this your best valentine's day ever. >> they're showing lingerie photography as i'm sitting next to my wife right here. >> i would like to speak to the producers of the show. >> no hints there but -- >> you felt nothing. you felt nothing. >> i was supposed to introduce
8:01 am
you. i feel it needs no words. >> i'm lara's much, much younger sister, ali. >> she's here promoting -- >> i'm sorry, she was talking about my book. >> it's called "ali in wonderland." >> it is. >> and your plans for how to spice up valentine's day. >> you got a little hint there. >> with a vat of peanut butter and some scuba gear. >> it's only getting started. >> josh? this is where you come in. >> i haven't had my coffee yet. >> josh, we go in the news. >> it's great to be back. great to see all of you. we begin with the news. we begin with the big story this mornings. it's the unspeakable traj dody in washington state.
8:02 am
abc news has obtained a voice mail with the final words of josh powell. he left the message for his brother and other family members some 20 minutes before he set his house on fire sunday. >> i am not able to live without my sons. and i'm not able to go on anymore. i'm sorry. to everyone i've hurt. good-bye. >> now, overnight, we learned that powell, the only person of interest in the disappearance of his wife two years ago, tried to kill his boys before they succumbed to the flames. the boys had started to remember details of the night their mother went missing. one etch drew a van with their mother in the trunk. and voters in three states cast ballots today. rick santorum campaigning in missouri and minnesota. his message, front-runner mitt romney is too much like president obama to beat him in november. mitt romney you are theed his
8:03 am
focus to issues like religious freedom. meanwhile, the president is looking at superpax. the campaign is urging donors to support a democratic superpac, despite the president's criticism of those groups in the past. and overseas, heavy machine gun fire heard in the city of holmes, syria. ground zero in that country's devolving civil war. russia's top diplomat arrived this morning. and a dramatic scene in athens, greece. tear gas is being fired at hundreds of people. they're protesting the massive cuts in government spending ordered because of the country's debt crisis. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world
8:04 am
news." >> good morning, josh. is whole wheat bread, as advertised, everything it says it is? maybe not. phew information about what's in so-called whole grains. see the whole picture tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. meanwhile, new york city throws a parade for the new york giants. we got a hold of this video. moments after the super bowl. at the confetti falls, greg jones, greeted by his girlfriend, on the field, pulling an engagement ring out of his pocket. >> that he played with? >> and popping the question. as you can see, those are not tears of sadness. >> looks like a yes. >> they were college sweethearts. jones said she knows how i feel. a spech wasn't needed. he had a guy on the practice quad, lara, hold on to the ring. >> that's the most -- i just
8:05 am
love that. i love that. >> we're happy you're back. >> thank you, robin. >> where's my double-mint begtw. i miss her. good morning, speaking of football, tim tebow didn't get a shot after the vince lombardi trophy. maybe the mirror ball will ease the pain? he's looking like a lock if he wants to show off his salsa on "dwts." karina smirnoff says that tim was her first choice for the new season as a partner. we'll have to wait and find out when the new cast is announced on thursday, february 28th right here on "gma." >> i think it's fair to say -- >> that's a no. >> yes. >> can we wait and let people find out here? >> we know beyonce has the dance moves. she has the body. talk about bouncing back.
8:06 am
just one month after giving birth, she stepped out monday night to see her hubby perform in a concert. just a quick aside to celebrate the news. the works of art complete the post-baby home run look. time for your weekly "bachelor" sneak peek. some of the girls tell ben what they really think about courtney. the one covered up about the black bar. >> we want you to be cautious about courtney. >> just tread lightly. >> until now, the only thing i heard was there was a beef between emily and courtney. >> that's not it. it's what come out of her mouth. when somebody really care about somebody i feel that it's evident in how they speak. and i can't say that i have
8:07 am
observed that from her. i want you to be happy in the long run, end up with somebody that will be there for you and give you 110%. >> you don't think she's in this to do that? >> i find it hard to believe she's not in it for the right reasons. we'll find out. "the bachelor" airs on mondays, 8:00 p.m., here on abc. > and finally, cat got your tongue? there's merkin, the dog. he seemed fine with the cat until he got the left hook from the little ball of loveliness. a good thing the kitten has a good partner. that's "pop news." i'm in such a good mood because ali's here. >> should we say it again? >> hi, emily, it's cold in new
8:08 am
york! >> give me that. it's fantastic. an awesome job. you did good. hi, i'm sam, it's cold in new york. it just didn't work the same way. how about the boards? what's going on this morning. now the live shot that we were going the start with in chicagoland, only because the temperatures fall throughout the day, wls knows more about chicago than anyone. this is what it looks like tonight into tomorrow morning. 19 degrees in kansas city. 11 in omaha. minneapolis, 6 degrees. colder temperatures on the map. laredo, houston, mild today. southern cities like atlanta will stay on the warmer side. l.a. with 68 degrees today. showery, windy on the west
8:09 am
>> war this morning and will we yesterday at this time. war were this morning and yesterday it this time. 40 in chantilly. 46 in frederick. cooler air moving into town, near 40's tomorrow with a little bit of light snow early afternoon. minor accumulations are possible. clearing up by thursda >> nice to see you. sally, welcome in from texas. we appreciate you being here. back to you inside, lara? >> i like your correspondent, sam. here's what's happening on our "gma morning menu." high school panic. could online videos be the key to solving it. and red hot valentine's day. the seductive new trend. >> and peeking of. get ready for anything.
8:10 am
ali wentworth, here live, to take us inside the pages of her new memoir. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. ♪ [ female announcer ] the sun has always powered life. ♪ and now it powers our latest innovation to heat and cool your home more efficiently. ♪
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8:14 am
we have more now on the mysterious outbreak of tourette's-like simp tourette's-like symptoms. we'll speak live to two of the girls and their moms in a moment. first, linsey davis with the
8:15 am
laisest on the controversy. >> reporter: months of mounting frustration surrounding a medical mystery are now coming to a head. >> no, i'm done listening to you. you need to do something. >> reporter: nearly two dozen people, including a 36-year-old are now experiencing uncontrollable tics, seizures, and outbruss. >> today, this, this is a good day. this, what you see, this is a good day. >> reporter: famed environmental activist erin brockovich believes these tics could be environmental. a report was issued saying no infectious or environmental causes were found. >> this is not tourette's. it's a constellation of multiple simple tom. one of them can be tics.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the doctors said they noticed that after some of the girls appeared on tv showing a particular type of tic, others would start to tic in similar manners. one doctor said the situation could be attributed to social media. mirely watching youtube and facebook videos could spark sub conscious imitation. lydia is friends with two of the girls also suffering. what are their symptoms like, similar to yours? >> yeah, vocal outbursts. constant movement. one of my good friends,s, she h seizures due to what's going on. like, daily. she just falls down and has seizures. >> reporter: many of the parents and students feel enough has t notten not been enough to investigate environmental causes.
8:17 am
>> and we're joined by lauren, and her mother, larks ana, and by tracy and her mother, charlene. start us off. when did you first feel these symptoms? what happened? >> they first started on october 31st, on halloween. and -- um -- >> out november where? >> yeah. >> first time. you had never seen or felt anything like that before? >> no. >> how about you, tracy? >> early december. i started with a bad stutter to where i couldn't talk. i got sent home. and it eventually developed into a head twitch, and then it went away for a little while. >> this is happening to other girls, other kids at the same time? when was the first? were you the first? >> um, no. this girl katie was the first.
8:18 am
she was at the beginning of the school year. >> so, lana, when you first heard about this, what did you think? what did you do? >> i called our primary care doctor immediately. he said it could be some type of poisoning. >> right off the bat? >> yeah, yeah. he said it could be poisoning. i also talked to the school nurse. that's when i found out there were other girls that were showing similar symptoms and such. and she said that they were having everybody go to dent neurology. so, um -- and i called dent and got an appointment. called the primary care doctor and said we were going there. >> and charlene, you looked into it as well. a lot of health officials have looked into it. they don't think there's an environmental cause. can you accept that.
8:19 am
>> no. >> why not? >> there's too much going on. the chemical spill from the derailment. >> that was 30 years ago, right? >> it was. but they used some of the stone from that sight, it was near the quaurry. they used some of the gravel and the stone for the school in 2004. >> but nothing happened until this year. and it -- there is, as you saw in the piece there, lana, a lot of doctors call it conversion, mass hysteria. the girls are getting sub conscious signals through social media. isn't that possible? >> no. they were too quick to reach a diagnosis. they did minimal testing. we have seen dr. tripoletti. he did extensive testing. he's reached a diagnosis concerning my daughter.
8:20 am
>> p.a.n.d.a.s., right? >> right. it's first caused by strep. lauren repeatedly had strep throat over the years. a year ago, she had her tonsils taken out. the recurrence is so great. >> lauren, do the simple toms get worse when you're under stress? >> yes. >> what happens? what do you feel? >> i don't feel like -- well, i feel like i'm going through a lot of pain and everything. >> what kind of pain? >> like i'm getting, i don't know, like stabbed or something. >> all over? >> like right in this side. >> and it's the same every time you feel yourself tightening up. >> and then i get a migraine. >> tracy, what brings it on for you? >> stress or any emotion aside
8:21 am
from being happy. like, i get upset about something, i'm sad, or if something just really out of the blue happens. >> what do you all want to happen right now? >> well, we really want the school to test -- do some outside testing. maybe let erin brockovich's crew in, because there has been great resistance as far as having them come in and actually do that. there's a great idea that what has brought on the p.a.n.d.a.s is an environmental issue and the school continue tantly tests. they said they did air quality testing within the school. but it's almost like they have a refusal to go out and actually test the soil. and then we also know of with the gas wells, and such, and the
8:22 am
residue i guess there's a holding tank, maybe. and it's come out on the ground and killed neighboring trees and plants and everything. >> you want more investigation? >> most definitely. preferably by erin brockovich's crew. >> thank you for coming in. hope you're feeling better. and switching gears to a totally different subject. we're crazy in love here, at "gma," celebrating everything valentine's day means to us. the sweet, and the saucy. like the hot new trend of boudoir photos. women sitting for sizzling shots in lingerie or less for gifts to give their loved ones. melissa rycroft takes a closer look. >> reporter: valentine's day is just around the corner.
8:23 am
most women are expecting flowers, chocolate, and jewels from their loved ones. what are you giving? i'm giving my husband the gift of taking out the trash and diaper duty for a week. on the other end of the spectrum, some women are putting out for a gift that, shall we say, is a little more showy. budoir photographty. who wouldn't want to feel like they could be hot enough to fit in the pages of glossy magazines? >> i saw how popular the magazine is. and fhm at the time, and playboy. i would look at them and say, i want to look like that. i want to feel like that. it's not a new concept. it's just updated. give me that sexy face. >> reporter: jennifer, a stay at
8:24 am
home mom turned boudoir photograph photographer. it's a trend that's being embraced. boudoir is big. >> it's just literally so much fun. gets dressed up, your makeup done, hair done. it's a great experience. i'm giving this album to my husband. i think it's great for him to see me this that kind of light. >> reporter: this is not a shoot where you just have shots taken. you're pampered. there's hair and makeup. >> i love it. >> reporter: and wardrobe choices. to make ewe feel like that sultry supermodel. janelle offers her clients sessions as well. valerie has been photographed for her engagement sessions, her
8:25 am
weddi wedding, and the day after her wedding. >> it celebrates the beauty of women and the romance in the relationship. >> reporter: these photos represent a different time in her life. she wanted something intimate, beautiful, and sexy to last a lifetime. a gift for your spouse. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's a huge ego boost for these ladies. >> at this point in my life, i found great confidence i have not had before. i want to freeze this moment in my life so that 30, 40 years down the line, i can look back and say, i was a good-looking girl. my kids can say, oh, my mom was really hot. oh, my gosh. >> that's hot. >> i can't believe that's me. i was like, oh, m god, is that really me? >> that was so much fun. >> reporter: and whoever gets to see the finished product will
8:26 am
feel the same way. >> that's gorgeous. >> reporter: from los angeles, i'm melissa rycroft. >> a sexy idea. and coming up, the queen of style, diane von furstenberg. and ali wentworth. >> no. >> speaking of valentine's day. >> she's here for her book, right? >> yeah. >> i just got these tweets. love how george looks when his wife is on "gma," both adoring and nervous all at once. >> it's all inside. >> oh. >> this is good stuff, people. >> we'll talk to ali when we come back.
8:27 am
>> hope your having a good tuesday morning so far. we're looking at global headlines. washington, d.c. employees are accused of taking unemployment benefits while step for the still working city. received $840,000 in checks when they had those employees are on leave with pay. could be fired and prosecuted. selection resumes in charlottesville. he has pleaded not guilty to killing his former girlfriend.
8:28 am
an sister station will have up in a report, coming couple of minutes. first, let's get a check on traffic. this is going to take us through maryland for drivers spring in of silver white oak. there was a bus that caught on fire. at northbound traffic on side that -- headed us.rds not looking very well. traffic on the other side of normal travel times across american legion bridge. things will stay quiet for us at the father hurley boulevard. bright sunshine and a day out there. a cloud in the sky over city.l not as cold as yesterday morning. 37 degrees in winchester and frederick. sunshine, 54 this afternoon. light snow is possible.
8:29 am
tomorrow afternoon, accumulation possible. another u
8:30 am
♪ so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways ♪ back here live in times square. a birthday boy. and it's a morning to remember when -- ali wentworth is here. >> i could get used to this. >> i don't understand why i love you so much. >> she can come by any time. >> we'll talk about that later. >> but she's written -- >> i have a lot of laundry to do, robin. >> and this is some of what you read and what you'll read in this revealing, funny, new memoir. and i mean this. it's like a stream of
8:31 am
consciousness in some ways. >> from an unquiet mind. >> it's beautiful. >> i started reading it last night. it's really good. yeah, absolutely. >> will you do a reading for us? >> yes, the whole second hour, we'll continue reading the book. >> when we have time, we want to show the viewers this incredible journey through the amazon jungle. a sneak peek at one of the most anticipated new series, it's called "the river." >> i can't wait. for the fans of "lost." also diane von furstenberg is here. she'll have looks for spinning and also the awards coming up. third year in a row for the awards for women that inspire women. >> she's going allow our viewers select the people's choice awards. let's get to sam first.
8:32 am
we heard you ooh'ing and ah'ing. >> maybe they'll let me come in and watch the show. let's get to the boards. here's what's happening today. as you step outside your doors -- wait, our twitter pictures. switzerland. look how bad that is. the ice, the water blows into that cold paper it forms rock hard over anything it touches. that's heavy rain falling in the l.a. area, all the way to san diego today. it's not that it delivers a lot of mountain snow. but you'll pick up the opportunity for several inches above 6,000 feet. san antonio, 64 >> 44 degrees downtown. rising into the mid-50's this afternoon. sunshine. beautiful day. disturbance tomorrow. likely will cause some light
8:33 am
>> sam, sam? i just -- >> oh, josh, thanks for coming out. >> i wanted to bring you some hot cocoa. >> can i, josh, maybe come inside a little later? haul that weather was brought to you by ashley furniture. oh, robin. >> you have that look, sam. you can come in any time. wait a little longer. buckle your seat belts. you really want to come inside, sam. being with the actress and now author is hilarious. her new book, "ali in wonderland and all other tall tales" is a romantic comedy. >> why is george laughing so hard? >> i love what jerry seinfeld said, everything that comes out of ali's mouth is funny.
8:34 am
what's with the cup cakes? >> i got to push books today. so any of you out there, the key grip, the camera guys, you buy a book, you get a free cup cake. that's what i'm saying. >> you tried this in the park, didn't you? >> i did. it went over well. >> i think there was a dog or something that showed up. dpl there's our nanny. >> you gotta do what you go that do. >> "ali in wonderland" book reading here 11:00 a.m. welcome to the new -- >> since we have her live, let's have her here. i have to say, in reading this book, i wanted to ask you this. george plays a -- he plays it close to the vest. >> understatement. >> you're so honest. what did he say when you said honey, i'm going to write a book. >> he said, a children's book? i said, not really.
8:35 am
he's incredibly supportive. he read the first galley. it was great. he knows how to protect me. he looked for things i wouldn't necessarily look for. but he did start with, he read the book, we sat down, he said, you know what would be even funnier -- i went -- no, no, no. you can't say that to me. you can say a lot of things to me, but you're not exactly the carrot top of abc. but he's -- you know, he's a fantastic editor. i think, um, he wanted to protect me from things. he was -- he had me change exboyfriend's names. things like that. >> and there were a lot of them in the book. >> well, you gotta test drive the car before you buy it. >> hey, but you know what you said about george, you said, when you met george, it was like coming home. >> it was.
8:36 am
it was. i mean, people always say to me, wow, you know, george is so -- smart and moral and virtuous, how does that work? and, you know, by the way, i'm a serious person, and george is funny. it worked. >> eddie, don't laugh that. >> but it does work. when i met him, i had very, very low expectations for our blind date. and i don't know if i showered. and we met and i'm telling you, it was like a good mellon. you just know. i'm being sincere. i would have married him that afternoon. >> you said you would have taken the subway to city hall. >> i would have. hi heart skips a beat when he walks in the door. >> she means it. >> look what we made!
8:37 am
>> and it's sweet. i love that you're showing the two beautiful little girls. you had very strong women in your family. you write about that. your mother, muffie. don't let the name fool you. there's beautiful pictures in "town and country" of the two of them. there she is. i know. she's a very important part of your life. you write about it eloquently. >> she was very nervous when e wrote this book. she thought i would patty davis tell-all. george said it's a love letter to your mother. it is. she's this great fixture in my life. she's strong and warm and wonderful and everybody knows her. she adores george. and i say in the book, if george and i were both drowning in a lake, my mother would drive in, save him, bring him back, and the two of them would decide who to call to get me.
8:38 am
she's my -- north star, as they say. and i think the strong women in my family go from great-grandmother to grandmother. my grandmother made a boat out of yak skin and sailed in it. when you meet my 9-year-old, you get it. >> we are kind of getting to met them -- to meet them from this new show of yours. >> the daily shot. >> i come back, i do the daily shot. there she is. oh, preplastic surgery. >> that's what, you keep it real. you have to say that. >> very real. something on the internet said, one of thoex maxim internets, one of them wre, if she lost the mom hair and 20 pounds, she
8:39 am
would be okay. i'll take it. the daily shot is from our kitchen. i can still get baklava and s n spanikopita on the table by 6:00. it works for me. >> they've taken more shots of george. >> your tweet helped george win an award. >> i'm always helping him win an award. >> don't we have that. a big trophy. this is the tweet you had yesterday. hey, honey, that tie is bright. that's one of the ones we can share. >> well, it was. it popped out of the screen smacked you across the face. >> why did you want to write this book? >> it had been percolating in my mind for years. my mother would say funny, she
8:40 am
would give me these funny gems every time i needed advice. i collected them in my head. i thought, what a great book to tell these absurd stories that happened to me and punch it with my mother giving me her advice. having had a baby, two hours later, i can't stand up straight from vaginal birth, and i'm exhausted and sweaty. my mother says, it wouldn't hurt for you to put on a little lip gloss before george comes home, and i went -- but it's true. >> it's a stream of consciousness. he's a joy to work with. it's in part because -- it's in part because of how happy he is with you and the girls. >> oh, it's 100% me. yes. >> bless you. have fun. you have a book signing later. ali wentworth, ladies and gentlemen. the champion.
8:41 am
to read an except, go to on yahoo!. we have
8:42 am
8:43 am
a new thriller, "the river" premiers tonight on abc. fans of "lost" and "the blair witch project" will have a lot of the like about this. a family sails up the river, and
8:44 am
the boat disappears. >> how can you not tell me? the beacon went off. if there's hope he's still alive, my dad could be alive, too. >> it's a dead end. >> i know where it is, i could find the ship. >> lena, where is it? >> i'm coming with you. i modeled tide patterns. this is the sixth. 55 kilometers west. look. >> there's nothing there, lena. no boat could go there. >> they'll be there. my dad and emmet. that's the only possible place. >> that is one of the stars, eloise mumford. i was at a meeting, they showed about eight minutes, the room went silent. everyone was gripped. this is a scary show.
8:45 am
>> superscary. it was scary shooting it. there are moments where i jump. >> do you know everything that's going to happen? >> we have shot eight episodes. i know everything that happens that was shot. beyond that, who knows? >> there's so many different layers to it. as you go. no one ever really knows what's exactly real. you really got into character. one of the actors got an exorcism? >> she had one dealing with back pain. there was all sorts of creepy weird things that happened while we were shooting. we were sometimes as freaked out. >> where did you shoot it? >> the pilot in puerto rico and the rest in hawaii. >> you had a very special 25th birthday celebration. you went above and beyond. for this character. i guess you're trying to lure
8:46 am
some rats? >> most of the show, wre shot at night. it all takes place in the dark. i turned 25 at midnight. emp came in and sang, it was awesome. we had to act with rats for the last scene in the morning, about 5:00 a.m. >> real rats? >> real rats. they had to run toward me. they couldn't get them to run toward me. i said, okay, maybe give me rat food. it's like rotted tuna, disgusting. the morning of my 25th birthday i was covered in rat food, hoping they would run toward me. >> did they come? >> event eventually. >> i just found out you share an on sepgs with my wife. you collect shells. big collection? >> yes. it's so dorky. i spent a lot of time on the beach growing up. i love shells. >> we love the show. it premiers tonight at 9:00. thanks very much.
8:47 am
coming up, diane if you're like me, you care about the food your family eats. i was pretty confused by everything i'd been hearing about high fructose corn syrup. so, i did a little research to find out wh independe experts like doctors, dieticians and nutritionists had to say. i learned, whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. sugar is sugar. ♪ and that's one less thing to worry about. [ squeals ] [ female announcer ] learn more at just a second. just, just one second. ♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car.
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8:49 am
we always love it when diane von furstenberg comes to visit. she's an icon when it comes to fashion and so much more. she's a tireless supporter of women's empowerment all over the world. the third awards take place here in new york this year. we look forward when you come back to see us. >> thank you. so nice to be here. it's such a cozy place. >> you like it? it is. >> it's cozy here. we're on the third year of our award. it's very exciting. and i usually come here and to present the people's award, because we're giving five awards to -- i have always been such a fan of women. and as i have empowered myself,
8:50 am
i like to empower other women. i'm always so impressed when i meet these incredible women. >> they're extraordinary. >> all around the world. who are so strong. they have the courage to fight, the power to survive, and the strength to lead. >> tell us about the nominees. people can go on our website later. >> four girls, four wonderful, young, exciting, great girls. vote for them on or the first one is jennifer. she has an organization called women of tomorrow. she has thousands of girls she's helped. they work with schools and help them to graduate and advance their education and do things they never thought they could do. diane, kids off the block. that's in chicago.
8:51 am
wonderful woman who has already, i mean, saved 1500 children out of the streets. >> the violence there this chicago is off the charts. >> unbelievable. she takes them to her home and changes, it trank forms their lives. you transform one life, i mean the person you transform, they transform thousands of life. andrea, from fair girls. helps teenage girls overcome abuse, sex trafficking and, you know, and so they come, counseling, job training. last but not least, laley. she is -- she provides legal protection for immigrant women. and dpirls. demanding justice from rape, sex trafficking and torture. all these things, it's hard to
8:52 am
believe they exist in our country. by doing this and by doing the people's voice, first of all, thanks to you, i can give those incredible women exposure. people can go online, find out about them, help their organizations. also, you can vote. it's important that all of you vote. the more people vote, the better it is. >> you wrote a wonderful blog about women that inspired you. your mother is at the top of the list. >> she was really, really incredibly strong. she survived the concentration camp at the age of 22. when she survived, she weighed 49 pounds. the doctors said when she came back, she got married, they said, you can't have a child for at least five years. the next year, i was born.
8:53 am
>> you should go online and read the blog. before you go, give us three tips for spring. >> i have three major things. one was white. strangely enough, dvf opened with a white wrap dress. then flowers. lots of blooming nowers in utilitarian shape. and then soft pastel mixed together in an unusual way. so it looks effortless but is glamorous. is that the . >> that is you, effortless and glamorous. thank you, diane. >> vote. >> to read more of her blog, women in her life, find out how to cast your vote on the dvf awards, go to our
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good tuesday morning.
8:57 am
is 8:56. am steve chenevey. councilman marion barry is under because of comments on twitter. the comments while he was watching the super bowl. upset at the redskins were not playing in the super that the redskins were playing in the super bowl. this tweet expressing, frustration with dan snyder, who yet to produce a super bowl team.g >> the pot boiled over. it was just so frustrating. think we should have been there. redskins beat the giants twice this season. he said he was expressing the ofs -- the frustration fans. he went too far. redskins officials have not commented. of traffic check >> northbound delays at a out of stand -- ewington. an accident at the case
8:58 am
bridge. i will take you to a picture of the i-270. now. beautiful right road and then and good at the american legion .ridge a beautiful picture. 40 degrees at chesapeake beach. annapolis, 41. phyllis and 40. not -- dulles at 40. start today, considering we were at 20 at yesterday. a weak disturbance could give us light snow and accumulation. >> will be back and noon.
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